Nutrition advice


We all know that exercise is to not enough to help us lose weight and maintain a healthy life-style and food can generally account for about 80% of any weight issues.

Let us first say that there are so many books and fad diets out there that we can understand why so many people get confused about losing weight. Additionally when it comes to nutrition it would appear that media controls the masses and because each week the media is telling us something different, it is easy to lose sight of some basic principles.

We at Moving Forward Fitness look at nutrition very basically – intake must not exceed energy output!

Unfortunately weight loss can be hard work – but it is achievable if you are prepared to put in the time in the initial stages.

At Moving Forward Fitness, all unlimited members have access to a downloadable¬†MovingForwardFitness-FoodDiary.¬†Fill in a week’s worth of all your food intake, add in your weekly exercise regime and email it back to us on a weekly basis to receive feedback on your week with tips and suggestions.