Member Testimonials

“Around four years ago I decided to change my lifestyle because I wasn’t happy with how I looked or felt. I now train with MFF four times a week and hate when I ever have to miss a

MFF has helped me to set clear goals and achieve them. I get a lot of satisfaction from my sessions and have seen some great results. Before I started training, I found it difficult to run around the block and through the running program, I ended up running 10km last year – something I never thought was possible. 

I’ve built up strength, cardio endurance, my core and my boxing skills. Even after moving to St Kilda I still couldn’t leave MFF. I love the people I train with and how we all support each other, no matter our varying degrees of fitness. The fitness challenges have especially helped me to improve and reach certain goals. When I came back from a holiday in Europe 3 years ago, I had gained 10kg but I got straight back into training and MFF helped me to drop the weight. 

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far with MFF and look forward to what’s ahead.”  *



“After seeing a photo of myself that completely shocked me, I knew I needed to do something about my weight and my overall fitness too. I wasn’t getting any younger and with heart issues in our family I was heading in the completely wrong direction.

After a bit of browsing on the net I found Moving Forward Fitness, I liked the idea of an outdoor training group and there was also ran a running group which completely appealed to me. After a free session, Bingo! I found the perfect exercise group for me.

So while I was still paying my gym membership I no longer used, I joined MFF as well, and gained so much more out of it with the variety of the exercises (no two sessions were the same) and the schedule fitting in perfectly with my work and family commitments the kilograms started to fall off, I was getting muscle definition back in my legs and arms and my fitness was increasing by the week so much so I was able to enter in some Half marathon events.  I’ve never felt as healthy and fit as I do now, I have been a member of MFF for over 3 years and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.”  *


“Being a member of MFF transformed me in a way that I never knew was possible. When I joined I hated running, was unfit and had put on weight. By joining this group I learnt that I could run 10km, a half marathon, a marathon, 50km, 60km and 100kms.

During this time I was given a running program, and I attended both personal training sessions and group sessions. I lost 9kg over the years at MFF from the beginning and gained so much on a personal level also.

I have made the best friendships and have been transformed physically, emotionally and mentally. It has taught me that anything is possible if you are committed, consistent and believe.” *


*Results vary based on each member’s physical health, age,  diet and exercise, and dedication to their training and food intake. The weight loss results described in testimonials above are as a result of a lot of hard work and consistency.

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