The Running Train

The name says it all Moving Forward Fitness! Yes this is our specialty – Moving Forward and to us means Running.

We love to run and would love you to love to run too! Anyone can be a runner and we can show you how.    If you are now a runner and want to be a better runner – we can help you too!

What does The Running Train do?

We can help you set goals, assess where you are now and plan for the future. From running your first 5km to running your first marathon we will show you the drills and training you will need and schedule a running plan to meet those goals.

What are the 5 Steps in The Running Train Program?
  1. Decide on your running goal for 2018.  See here for a list of popular fun runs from the Australian Running Calendar and an estimate length of time to reach you goal.
  2. Go for a run with your running coach at a time and place suitable for YOU.
  3. Follow the training program that has been designed for YOU, taking into account your level, goal and lifestyle constraints.
  4. Come to running drill training (optional), once a week which will be held at various different locations and aimed at strength training for our lower body and core.
  5. Finish that race and celebrate!
What does this cost?

The cost of the program is based on the number of weeks that is needed to reach your running goal.  Example:  At $12 per week a 6 week program would cost $72.

NOTE: Program length may change during the program (shorter or longer) based on your achievements.

Everything Else You Need to Know:

Can be used in conjunction with Personal Training which will assist you in building the necessary strength and cardio fitness to improve your running.

All running coaching sessions are taken by an Athletes Australia Accredited Coach.

Training locations are within the Seaford, Carrum and Frankston areas in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, but can be flexible.

There’s no time like now to start, so email us today and check out our Facebook page