Group Running Sessions

If you are interested in improving your running times or starting to run then these weekly session will assist you.  Designed to suit all ages and levels and is goal oriented with individual running programs developed to suit YOUR goals.

These sessions are run by an Athletics Australia accredited running coach who is part of the Victorian Running Network.

Appropriate for those who wish to participant in fun runs and will be able to attend fun runs as a group if you are interested.

Sessions will involve:

  • Warm up
  • Specific drills to assist your running
  • Running
  • Regular timings
  • Core and leg work
  • 45 minutes session
  • ‘Homework’ given 🙂

Seaford Soccer Oval
Railway Parade, Seaford

$160 per 10 session pack with includes personalised weekly training schedule


There is always a place to run when you are with friends

There is always a place to run when you are with friends

The crew on a run
A group run can be fun and competitive as well


There’s lots of Fun Runs to go on!

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